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Meet The Helpers


Meet The Helpers is designed for use in homes, classrooms and for public media stations around the country.
Together, we can help children learn about important community helpers in a calm and fun environment, so when an emergency strikes, children will understand who to look for and how to help.

  • Meet The Helpers: Use this section to introduce children to helpers in our community and learn more about their careers.
  • Make A Plan: Download, print and complete these resources to practice emergency preparedness in your home or classroom.
  • Emergencies: Use this section if a community crisis has occurred in your area to reassure children that adults are working to keep them safe.

FOR FAMILIES: Use the videos and resources here to introduce children to helpers and practice your family's emergency preparedness.

FOR TEACHERS: Introduce helpers to children and let them learn about different career options. Log in to PBS LearningMedia for more resources for your classroom.

FOR PBS STATIONS: Many of these videos are produced to fill break time between programs during the PBS KIDS block and on the PBS KIDS 24/7 channel.
In a crisis, the emergency interstitials can be used to respond to a recent tragedy and ease children's anxiety. Contact WUCF for a full station toolkit.

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