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Meet the Helpers | Be a Helper

How to be a Helper

Kids are never too young to be Helpers.

Children of all ages can contribute in their own ways. Use these videos and resources to explore how young children can be Helpers by being kind, practicing empathy and more.

Be a Helper - Videos

Kids Can Be Changemakers

Changemakers can be activists, non-profit workers, volunteers and even kids.

We are All Different

We are all different, but that is what makes us one of a kind.

Speaking Out Against Unfairness

We can all be helpers by speaking up when something is unfair.

Be a Helper - Resources

Friendship Activity Calendar

Friendship Calendar:
A week of activities designed to help young children practice social-emotional skills like empathy, kindness and friendship.

Essential Worker Thank You

Thank You Note:
Print, decorate and share this note with essential workers, helping to keep us safe!

Thank You Notes

Thank You Notes:
Teach children to be thankful for the important people in their lives.

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