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Meet The Helpers in Emergencies

How to Talk to Children if There has Been an Emergency in Your Community

Ways to help children understand emergencies:

  • Talk about “big feelings”
  • Explain what happened using age-appropriate words
  • Let children ask questions and learn about the answers together

Ways to help children feel safe:

Meet The Helpers: In An Emergency

Meet The Helpers - Fire Emergencies

Fire emergencies can happen without warning, but firefighters are there to help.

Firefighters keep us safe in many ways during emergencies in our neighborhoods.
Meet The Helpers - School Emergencies

Teachers are among the first to help during a school emergency.

What Does a Teacher Do to Help Us During School Emergencies?
Meet The Helpers - Weather Emergencies

Weather emergencies can be sudden, but helpers are watching out for you.

Meteorologists tell us about weather emergencies.
Lineworkers help turn power back on following emergencies.
Meet The Helpers - Medical Emergencies

Many different types of medical professionals help during an emergency.

Doctors help sick or injured people during emergencies.
Paramedics respond with medical care in emergencies.
Meet The Helpers - Medical Emergencies

Many different types people help during an emergency.

What does a 9-1-1 operator do during an emergency?
Police officers protect us from danger in our neighborhoods.
Scientists share important information during emergencies in our neighborhoods.
Counselors are here to listen after emergencies.
Learn how kids can help in an emergency.
When something scary happens, it's OK to have big feelings.
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